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  Chengdu Drainage Co., Ltd. subordinate to the group has the total service capability of 2.61 million m3/day, the service area of 350km2 in the central area of Chengdu as well as more than 4 million service populations. There are 8 sewage treatment plants in the central area of Chengdu, with the daily sewage treatment capability of 1.3 million tons and the annual sewage treatment capacity of about 380 million tons, which has realized the whole coverage for the sewage treatment of the central area basically. Currently, there are 14 sewage treatment plants operating in Sichuan, Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Guangdong and other provinces (regions).

Operation Management

  The drainage company has obtained Environmental Pollution Improvement Facility Operation Certificate (Industrial Wastewater Grade-A, Domestic Sewage Grade-A) issued by Ministry of Environmental Protection. Our company has implemented a strict internal risk control system, formulated 127 kinds of management standards falling into 9 classes, and established 15 kinds of professional integrated operation record forms and analysis systems falling into 4 classes, with the key process equipment perfectness of over 95%. Our company has also participated in the compilation of national Pollutant Discharge Standard of Municipal Sewage Treatment Plants (GB18918-2002), and become the first batch of companies executing the highest national standard of sewage treatment. Over the past 8 years, we have reached the standard to operate continuously and stably, with the discharge standard control rate of various pollutants reaching 100%. Our company has been rated as a national advanced operation demonstration unit of sewage treatment plants for 5 consecutive times.

Technical Advantages

  The drainage company has grasped the core technology of various sewage treatment processes, successively provided dozens of batches of solutions for more than ten sewage treatment plants in China, and developed many kinds of key sewage treatment equipment with proprietary intellectual property rights, thus realizing the domestication of spare parts and maintenance services of various kinds of imported equipment.

Market Development

  The drainage company has taken the lead in completing real market-based transformation in the same industry of China, made breakthroughs in cross-regional operation, and successfully obtained franchise rights of sewage treatment services of Lanzhou, Yinchuan and Xi’an in an open bidding mode.

Emergency Treatment

  The drainage company has established ISO9000 Quality Management, ISO14000 Environmental Management and ISO18000 Occupational Health/Safety Management Systems, and had a stronger reaction capacity for risk control and emergency response. Our company organizes risk identification activities at regular intervals, and has complete emergency response plans to prejudge possible environmental accidents. Moreover, we have organized emergency training and exercises. Our company has strengthened the process control, taken the lead in perfecting online monitoring of center control in the whole province, realized real-time monitoring on 11 kinds of important operating data, and stored relevant historical data for more than one year.

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