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Chengdu Huijin Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

  With a registered capital of RMB 150 million, Chengdu Huijin Industrial Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huijin Industrial Development”) was established on December 26, 2007, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xingrong Group and comprising five ancillary business units of Chengdu Municipal Waterworks Co., Ltd. The company is mainly engaged in production, sales and maintaining of water meters; production and sales of water purifying agents; hotel management; house leasing and property management; project construction and management; petrol station management and petroleum products retail; landscape greening and maintenance; labor dispatching and catering service.

  Huijin Industrial Development has eight departments, namely, General Management Department, Party-masses Service Department, Planning and Finance Department, Legal and Contract Department, Business Management Department, Safety Supervision Department, Project Management Department and High-Tech R&D Center. It harbors four subsidiaries, including Chengdu Huijin Water Development Co., Ltd., Jinxi Water Hotel, Hainan Shurong Industrial Co., Ltd. and Sanwayao Petrol Station, and three branch offices, including Property Management Branch, Hotel Management Branch and Jinxi Cottage Hotel (Qingyang District). The company has by now employees of over 500 and expands business throughout 11 regions, like Sichuan, Chongqing, Xinjiang, Tibet, Hubei, Ningxia, Guangxi, Hainan. In the spirit of “be conscientious and ambitious, solidarity and cooperation, innovation and practicability” and under the support of Xingrong Group, Huijin Industrial Development is working hard to refresh business model, advance the institutional innovation, and boost the development of core businesses and diversified operation, to constantly elevate its enterprise operation and management level, so as to provide superior services and products for its customers.


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