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Chengdu Environment Group Signs a Water Supply and Drainage Cooperation Agreement with Shuangliu District

  On December 19, Chengdu Environment Group signed a water supply and drainage cooperation agreement with Shuangliu District, which opened the all-round and substantive cooperation between the two parties in water environmental protection industry, actively promoted the integration of Shuangliu into the water supply and drainage system of Chengdu, and helped improve the water environmental protection service level of the “11+2” central urban area of our city in an all-round way. Han Yi, Secretary of the CPC Shuangliu District Committee, Xian Rongsheng, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Shuangliu District Committee and Mayor of Shuangliu District, Chen Lin, Director of the Standing Committee of Shuangliu District People’s Congress, Li Delong, Chairman of Shuangliu District People’s Political Consultative Conference, Li Benwen, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Chengdu Environment Group, and members of the leadership team of the group attended the signing ceremony.

  The two parties signed the Investment Cooperation Agreement, the Water Supply Escrow Agreement and the Temporary Management Agreement for Sewage Treatment Projects. The two parties will cooperate on infrastructure investment, construction and operation and maintenance of water environmental protection projects such as water supply and drainage and comprehensive water environment management in the region, accelerate the implementation of water supply and drainage projects in Shuangliu District, and initiate all-round and in-depth cooperation on the basis of the early signed Cooperation Framework Agreement.

  In the cooperation, Chengdu Environment Group will take “serving Shuangliu and building Shuangliu” as the goal, earnestly conduct the construction and operation of specific projects, and firmly promote the cooperation between the two parties to achieve results. It will fully draw on its rich experience of 70 years in water affairs and environmental protection, committed to providing Shuangliu residents with professional, convenient and safe water supply and drainage services so as to improve the water affairs and environmental protection industry to a higher level and further consolidate ecologic foundation of a beautiful Shuangliu; it will incorporate the spirit of pragmatism, innovation and diligence into the cooperation, helping Shuangliu District build a national airport economic demonstration zone with practical actions and construct a park city pattern featuring the coordinated development of “one port, three centers and four clusters”, and contributing to the construction of Shuangliu District as the Capital of Aviation Economy, the City of Biological Industry and the Valley of Electronic Information.

  All along, Chengdu Environment Group has been earnestly implementing the requirements about “reshaping the urban economic geography, optimizing the layout of the central urban area”, promoting the “co-governance of domestic, production and ecological water”, and actively advancing the integration of water supply and drainage in the central urban area. At present, it has reached substantive cooperation with Tianfu New Area and Pidu District.

  Next, the group will strengthen communication and cooperation with relevant districts (cities) and counties, accelerate the integration of relevant resources in the “11+2” central urban area, and take various measures to help improve the level of water environmental protection services in our city.

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