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Xingrong Group Shares Insights at Shanghai Water Hotspot Forum

  On August 22, the 9th Shanghai Water Industry Hotspot Forum 2017 organized by E20 Environment Platform was staged. Attendees included Xingrong Environmental Co., Ltd., an affiliate of Xingrong Group, and dozens of chief engineers and experts, authoritative experts and representatives from eight leading hydraulic research institutes. Under the theme of “the technological revolution of urban water environment guided by system thinking”, the attendees have discussed the treatment technologies and policies of urban water environment system as well as the future development trend.

  After rounds of selection, the water supply PPP project of Pei County distinguished itself from the 102 demonstration projects of the water affairs industry, and was included in the Selected Cases of PPP Demonstration Projects of the Water Affairs Industry (Series II) co-compiled by the Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China and E20 Environment Platform. Discussed and shared as a classic case at the forum, it has drawn widespread interests.

  At the forum, Yuan Bensong, Chairman of Xingrong Environmental Co., Ltd., had an in-depth dialog with guests on priority issues related to the water supply PPP project of Pei County. He pointed out that, during the past half year since the project was put into effect, with no major adjustment on organizational structure and no significant transformation on water facilities, efforts have been made to integrate existing resources, reshape procedures as appropriate and introduce professional technologies and management expertise. As a result, unexpected achievements have been made in safe production, water quality, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, customer service, business performance and narrowing the gap between production and sales. Meanwhile, amid the nationwide urban-rural integration, it’s imperative to provide professional technologies and managerial expertise to water supply and sewage at county level, and make breakthroughs in policies, and to upgrade the security and services of water supply.

  The forum has facilitated the exchanges and communication between the Group and industry experts and mainstream media, and showcased achievements made in the water supply PPP project of Pei County. In this connection, the Group is in a better position to expand business and realize its objective.

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