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Marching toward the Super Power India

  -- Xingrong Delegation Pays a Survey Visit to India

  As a super power of the South Asia, India boasts promising market prospect and smooth financing channels, playing a pivotal role in the Belt and Road initiative. To better implement the “Two-way Opening Up” and the “Go Global” strategy, and accelerate to shape a global leading enterprise of the field, an investigation team was recently delegated to visit India for surveying water affairs, environmental protection and other infrastructure investment projects.

  Leaded by Cheng Jin, Deputy General Manager of Chengdu Xingrong Environmental Co., Ltd., the investigation team comprised six business backbones from technology, operation, finance and investment sectors. On the seven-day tour, the investigation team visited the Government of Andhra Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Board, Telangana Industrial Infrastructure Corporation, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and other governmental departments and well-known enterprises. In the meanwhile, the investigation team paid a courtesy call on many government officials and leaders of state-owned enterprises including the Chief Secretary to Government of Andhra Pradesh. Both parties reached preliminary consensuses on investing, operating and building water affairs and environmental protection projects in Andhra Pradesh.

  At present, India took the “construction of clean and green India” as the orientation, actively attracting foreign capital and vigorously advancing the development of water affairs, environmental protection, energy and other industries, which showcased a promising investment prospect. By taking full use of such opportunity, Xingrong Group expanded the India market in a rapid and stable manner and was proactive in marching toward the water affairs and environmental protection markets, based on which it further participated in energy and education industries in an all-round manner. The Group was working hard to become a forerunner in Chengdu-India cooperation and an important platform and bridge for Chengdu and even Sichuan to implement the “Going Global” and “Bringing in” strategies and integrate domestic and foreign resources, so as to shape a favorable development atmosphere and business map centered on Chengdu, radiated to China and oriented to the overseas and try to realize multi-point and -polar coordinated development.

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