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Xingrong Group, Chengdu Municipal Commission of City Administration and ALBA Group Sign Memorandum of Understanding

  On June 8, 2016, Chengdu Xingrong Group Co., Ltd., Chengdu Municipal Commission of City Administration, and ALBA Group signed Memorandum of Understanding, aiming to propel the construction of Sino-German (Chengdu, Sichuan) Innovative Industry Platform, the Chengdu urban construction of circular economy, and the upgrading of environmental protection technology. Hence, cooperation will be carried out in various fields, involving the planning and construction of the venous industry park, domestic waste treatment, hazardous waste disposal, and kitchen waste disposal. Yin Li, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee and Provincial Governor, witnessed the signing ceremony.

  As a part of the Sino-German Innovative Industry Cooperation & Promotion Conference and Projects Signing Ceremony in which the team led by Provincial Governor, Yin Li participated, the Memorandum of Understanding is a major stride of the implementation of “go global” development strategy and will play a propulsive role in achieving Xingrong Group’s strategic goal of becoming internationally renowned and industry-leading enterprise in five to ten years

  On June 6-13, a group of seven consisting of Li Benwen, Chairman of the Board of Xingrong Group, Wang Xindai, Deputy Director of Chengdu Municipal Commission of City Administration, and relevant personnel from Xingrong Environmental Co., Ltd., Xingrong Renewable Energy Co., Ltd., and Xingrong Environmental Protection Technology Company paid a study visit to the venous industry of Germany and Denmark.

  The survey group had further communication and discussion with ALBA Group, one of the top ten renewable energy companies in Europe, visited the underground waste collection and treatment project and MPS (mechanical-physical stabilization) plants operated by ALBA Group, and learned about the status quo of the utilization of renewable resources, the classification and disposal of all kinds of wastes and others in Germany.

  The group also visited Kalundborg Eco-Industrial Park in Denmark, the global model of circular economy. The production and waste discharge of the power plant, the pharmaceutical plant, the refinery plant, the gypsum board plant and others in the park have been effectively recycling. The electricity produced by the power plant supports the enterprises and the residences; the steam of the power plant is utilized by the pharmaceutical plant and the refinery plant; the calcium sulfate is the raw material of the gypsum board plant; the flying ashes is used by the soil restoration plant and the waste heat offers heat for residences and the fish in fishpond. This circular economy mode is a great example of the construction of the venous industry park.

  The venous industry park is a major project of Xingrong Group in 2016. The broad vision and advanced experience brought back by the survey group have significance in the smooth implementation of the project, the promotion of cooperation in environment protection industry with foreign leading enterprises, and the development of Xingrong Group.

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