Chengdu Drainage Co., Ltd.
Release time:2022-03-02

  Chengdu Drainage Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chengdu Xingrong Investment Co., Ltd. The company has obtained the Operation Qualification for Environment Pollution Treatment Facilities issued by Sichuan Environmental Protection Industry Association, and the China Measurement Accreditation issued by the Certificate and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China. With a registered capital of RMB 1 billion and total assets of RMB 4,629 million, it is responsible for operating and managing 8 sewage treatment plants and 1 sludge disposal plant in downtown Chengdu, capable of disposing sewage and sludge up to 2,695,000 tons and 400 tons per day respectively. Chengdu Drainage Co., Ltd. has by now established five wholly-owned companies (including, Lanzhou Xingrong Investment Development Co., Ltd., Yinchuan New Xingrong Investment Development Co., Ltd., Xi'an Xingrong Investment Development Co., Ltd., Bazhong Xingrong Investment Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Xingrong Sludge Disposal Co., Ltd.) and one holding company, namely, Shenzhen Xingrong Investment Development Co., Ltd.

  Adhering to the professional and dedicated spirit and over the years of painstaking efforts, the company has built up the status as a specialist and laid a solid market foundation. With first-class management experience, technology and operation capacity, it has been in the lead in terms of sewage treatment rate, with the quality of treated water up to the Grade IB and Grade IA (GB18918-2002), reaching the national domestic leading level and becoming the forerunner of water pollution control in China.

  Company Tenet

  We are committed to delivering value to shareholders; we are proactive in shouldering social responsibilities and creating parity value for related parties.


  Water affairs model, environmental protection pioneer, environmental defender, livelihood helper


  Based on water service industry, we bend to developing emerging environmental protection industry, in a bid to becoming a comprehensive water utilities and environmental protection service provider that ranks the top in western China and nationwide, based in Chengdu, radiated to Sichuan and reaching out to the rest of China.

  Core Value

  Integrity, responsibility, innovation, unity and sharing

  Management Concept

  Human-oriented, efficiency in priority, sustained promotion, and development for shared prosperity

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